Field of Study

Program Description

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers graduate study leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Advanced work may be selected from pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry.”

The pharmaceutical sciences curriculum consists of a core of courses involving both basic and pharmaceutical sciences. In addition, students will select courses that will prepare them to be competent scientists in their fields.

Admissions Requirements

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program is open to all qualified graduates of recognized universities and colleges. In addition to the Graduate School requirements, the applicant must have adequate preparation in pharmacy or a biological or physical science related to pharmaceutical sciences.

Students interested in the Master of Science degree should contact the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences for more informaiton.

Financial Assistance

Graduate assistantships are available. To be considered for an assistantship, the student must have completed a Graduate School application, be accepted by the department, and submit a formal letter to the department chair requesting an assistantship.