The professional writing certificate promotes competencies such as written communication, visual communication, project planning, interpersonal communication, teamwork, content development and management, and reviewing and editing that can be tailored to students’ graduate programs and industry and/or academic-focused professional goals. The graduate certificate is a flexible professional credential that is suited for those interested in distinguishing themselves through developing their writing skills in their current or future industry positions as well as those interested in technical and professional communication research and pedagogy.


Certificate Requirements

Graduate Professional Writing

Required Minimum Credits: 8-9

Course List
Code Title Credits
Choose at least one of the following:
ENGL 649 Usability and User Experience 2 3
ENGL 655 International Technical Writing 2 3
ENGL 659 Researching and Writing Grants and Proposal 2 3
Choose at least one of the following: 1, 2
AHSS 672 Introduction to Publishing 3
CHP 660 Scientific Writing for Health Professionals 2
COMM 735 Theories of Media, Technology, and Society 3
COMM 750 Advanced Issues in Communication 3
EDUC 682 Classroom Practice/Methods of Teaching II 2-3
ENGL 656 Literacy, Culture and Identity 3
ENGL 754 Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Medicine 3
ENGL 758 Topics in Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture 3
ENGL 765 Upper Division Writing: Pedagogy, Practice, and Technology 3
ENGL 795 Field Experience 3
or ENGL 895 Field Experience
MBA 723 Digital Marketing 2
Total Required Credits 8-9

Program Notes:

Graduate students will need to choose a second option from either list to complete the 8-9 total required credits.


A course not on this list may be allowed, subject to Certificate Coordinator approval and relevancy to the certificate and its aims. Only one substitution is allowed.


A grade of "B" or better in each course is required.