Field of Study

Program Description

The Department of Psychology at North Dakota State University grants both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Our doctoral programs prepare students for a range of research-related careers.

Masters Program

Students pursing a Psychology PhD, who have not previously received a Master’s degree in Psychology or a related field, typically complete the requirements for the MS degree in the first two years of their PhD program training. As part of the student’s graduate training, students complete course work in areas of departmental research emphasis, as well as methods courses and breadth requirements. Each student will gain research experience under the supervision of a faculty mentor and complete a thesis. Students are not admitted for the sole pursuit of a terminal Masters degree.

Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral program accommodates approximately 20 students, with approximately 4 new Ph.D. degrees awarded each year. Training in the program includes course work in the student's area of emphasis, as well as methods courses, breadth requirements, and research experience under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Training and experience in college-level teaching is an important part of the program, and students also receive training and experience in grant writing. Student support is available through teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and teaching stipends.

Admissions Requirements

The Department of Psychology graduate programs are open to qualified graduates of universities and colleges of recognized standing. Applications are due by January 15 in order to receive full consideration for admission in the upcoming academic year.

Financial Assistance

Students are routinely supported through research and teaching assistantships. Applicants are considered on the basis of scholarship and potential to undertake advanced study and research. All students who submit complete applications to the program by the appropriate deadlines are considered for assistantships. There is not a separate application for financial aid. Doctoral students are eligible for university fellowships that are awarded on a competitive basis.