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The RCA Office is committed to providing training opportunities across various disciplines, access to experts through learning opportuntities, and special events.

See the New/Junior Faculty Programs page for information about that program.

Exploring Paths to Research Leadership

These sessions will enable participants to explore different paths to research leadership, including

  • March 14: How Can I Effectively Lead my Research Program?
  • March 18: Positioning Your Research Program in the Scientific Community
  • April 5: Developing Collaborations with Faculty Members within NDSU
  • April 12: How Do I Become a Research Leader?


Proposal Development Workshop | March 4-6

Through this workshop, RCA aims to foster the development of proposals that explore research questions about how North Dakotans extend the healthy, active years of life and how we effectively prevent or treat age-related diseases. We encourage faculty from the biological, behavioral, design, engineering, social and economic fields to apply to participate. In addition, we seek faculty who are interested in participating as computational core collaborators on healthy aging proposals.


Facilitated by KnowInnovation, this workshop will involve the co-creation of research ideas and development of teams that will go on to create proposals related to the theme. Participants will be expected to engage with other participants in a creative, free-thinking environment--away from everyday routines and responsibilities--and immerse themselves in a collaborative process around this important theme. Over the course of three days, KnowInnovation and a research director, Adam Davey, will facilitate the generation of ideas and proposals around the theme of Aging. Participants will be part of a multidisciplinary group who will work to build a shared understanding of the challenge, define specific research questions, and generate novel ideas for research proposals. Initiatives similar to this fostered by KnowInnovation build diverse teams that span the stages of academic careers and disciplines, resulting in high quality, productive research teams addressing the challenging, big ideas and often securing high levels of funding following other such campus initiatives.


To be considered for participation in this workshop, complete an application form. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

SciENcv individual or small group sessions available

NSF now requires the use of SciENcv to generate your BioSketch and Current and Pending Support documents for ALL grant applications. If you haven’t already managed to login and create a needed biosketch and current and pending support, and you would like some assistance, contact ndsu.researchdev@ndsu.edu to set up a session,

We will accommodate in-person and zoom.

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