Transformative Research Leaders Fund

A challenge for NDSU has been balancing the time our researchers require to do their best work with all the rest of the responsibilities that are required of them. What if we could give them time to develop their skills and practice their craft? What if we could give them the time to really think about that next big idea that might just change the world?

This fund will enable our North Dakota State University researchers to focus more extensively on their work by providing resources to buy out some of their time commitments. At many other research universities across the country, buyouts of faculty time are normalized as they allow them to rededicate and prioritize their time on research.

Students benefit by having the opportunity to learn from more than one expert in a field. Researchers benefit from having a direct focus on their work and NDSU benefits by providing balance and retaining the brightest researchers. At the same time, we give our researchers the opportunity to develop their skills to a high level and to truly excel in their fields.

Please support the Transformative Research Leaders Fund on NDSU Giving Day on November 28.

Video 1

Colleen Fitzgerald introduces the fund and explains how the RCA office supports research at NDSU

Video 2

Colleen Fitzgerald talks about NDSU's journey to R1 research excellence 

Video 3

Colleen Fitzgerald discusses how providing time for research is critical and how the Tranformative Research Leaders Fund can provide it

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