Novelution System

The Novelution Research Management System provides a centralized system with integrated software modules that support many research administration aspects. This includes tools for both administrative and research staff; support for processes from grant & contract proposal development from pre-award to post-award management; integrated IRB, IACUC, & IBC protocol applications and management; COI management; Effort Reporting; and varied compliance tracking for staff, facilities, and resource management. 

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Novelution Modules currently available: IBC, IACUC, IRB, COI, and Grants and Contracts 

Modules pending development:  Effort Reporting

Using Novelution

Faculty and staff can access available modules in the Novelution System on any device and using any web browser via which will access the InCommon Login Service. Enter your NDSU username and passphrase to login. Authentication with Duo is required to gain access to Novelution.

After Authentication, you are ready to begin. Novelution is designed to be intuitive and with the user experience in mind. If you have questions, please refer to the information below or contact us.  

Quick Tips: 

  • When you see a question mark icon in any of the modules, hover over it to view additional information.
  • A red asterisk next to a field in any of the modules indicates it is a required field and information must be entered.

NDSU contact information for Novelution assistance:
When requesting assistance by email or phone, please identify the module you're working in (e.g. Sponsored Research, IRB, IACUC, IBC, COI) where help is needed.

  • Phone: (701) 231-8045
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Research 1 Building – 1735 Research Park Dr., Fargo
Novelution Training & Tip Sheets
Expenditure Charts

These charts are available in the Grants and Contracts Module of Novelution. Users are able to search all active
NDSU grant and contract awards and view high level budget and expenditure data at the overall award level as well as
sub‐project level. Expenditure Charts are user friendly and are a great tool for faculty and staff to quickly see budget and
spending levels on Grants and Contracts.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosures

Annual COI Disclosures - You may be prompted to complete an annual disclosure if you are submitting a grant proposal to a federal funding agency such as NIH, NSF, DoE, NASA or other agencies which follow the PHS guidelines, or if you've indicated a potential conflict of interest (e.g. family relaionship or business-related interest) related to a proposal regardless of funding source.  You may also disclose a potential conflict of interest related to your research interests.  Annual COI disclosures should be updated within 30-day of any change(s) in your disclosable interests.  Click here for tips on submitting your Annual COI Disclosure.

Project-Specific Disclosures - Upon notice of an applicable award, investigators who have disclosed a potential conflict are prompted to:

  1. Verify if there have been any changes to their disclosable interests in their Annual Disclosure;
  2. Indicate whether any of the activities, relationships, or interests are related to the awarded project.

Click here for tips on submitting your project-specific disclosure.

Compliance Modules

IRB Tip Sheets

IACUC Tip Sheets

IBC Tip Sheets

Tips for Compliance Modules:

  • Student Researchers - NDSU students can log in to Novelution using their NDSU username and password.  Student researchers will need to update their Novelution profile with their department before accessing other modules within the system.  Click here for instructions on how to activate a student profile.
  • Outside Members/Researchers - NDSU has agreements with several other outside entities to provide compliance reviews (IBC, IRB, or IACUC).  If you are a member of one of these institutions (e.g. USDA, Mayville State University) and need access to Novelution to submit a protocol, please contact the committee administrator.  Once given a User Name, follow the below instructions for activating your account and establishing a password.
  • CITI Training Records - Novelution automatically integrates with the CITI program to verify completion of human subjects training.  To ensure accurate reporting of your completed training, ensure that the email address in your Novelution Profile, and the email address in your CITI profile match.  Your Novelution profile is set by the University System and can be found by clicking on 'Profile & Settings' > Edit User Profile.  For most faculty, staff and students, this email will by; however, if you have another affiliation within the NDUS system (e.g. you are a student at another institution), the domain may be the institution at which you are a student.
  • Check the status of your protocol application - The Requirements panel within the Protocol application shows which steps are ready to complete to facilitate the review process.  Check to see if training is completed, the department head has approved, or if the protocol is now in the review process. 
Introduction to Novelution Grants & Contracts Module
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