Office of the Congress of Student Organizations

The purpose of the Congress of Student Organizations (CSO) is to serve, recognize, and oversee student organizations and groups in an official capacity. We strive to serve the student body and its diverse selection of interests and passions in a as much of a fair and equitable manner possible. The most effective way to encourage student success, involvement, and passion is to provide for student organizations. Some of CSO’s primary roles and responsibilities are to:

·        Guide students through the creation of a new student organization
·        Grant or Decline official recognition of prospective organizations
·        Determine the tier and status of organizations
·        Offer resources to student organizations and their leaders
·        Plan and organize the Bison Leader Awards and Student Involvement Expos
·        Serve as the liaison between student organizations, the Student Senate, Student Activities Office, and other NDSU departments
·        Provide resources and information to student organizations and their leadership
·        Large Group Presentations
·        Oversee the myNDSU listserv and organization’s myNDSU pages

Important Links

CSO Guidelines 

CSO Meeting Minutes

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Contact Information

Rachel Anfinson, Executive Commissioner of the Congress of Student Organizations

Office Hours: 
Tuesday: 2:30pm - 5pm
Thursday: 2:30pm - 5pm

Please contact Rachel at with any questions regarding student organizations or CSO.

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