Office of Academic and Student Affairs

The Academic and Students Affairs (ASA) Commission aims to improve the student experience at NDSU. The executive commissioner addresses the concerns of the student body and gives input to university committees on students’ views and opinions. The commissioner also appoints students to various committees around campus to give a voice to the students. The Academic and Student Affairs commissioner must respond appropriately to student concerns relating to both academic and student affairs. Sometimes a program is developed to address those concerns. Some of the various programs the commission has done in the past include Bison Pride Friday, the NDSU Student Discount Card, holiday lighting and other influential programs to better campus. The commission has written legislation on advising and general education models. The best part of the Academic and Student Affairs Commission is you can work on whatever you deem important to academic and student affairs.


Commission Meetings

ASA Commission Minutes

Contact Information

Heather Gades, Executive Commissioner of Academic and Student Affairs


Office Hours:
Monday: 10am - 12pm
Wednesday: 11am - 1pm
Thursday: 11am - 1pm

Please contact Heather with any student concerns or questions about academic and student affairs.

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