Student Senate 2022-2023

The Student Senate meets every Sunday at 6:30 PM in the Oceti Sakowin Ballroom. The senate consists of students representing academic and residential districts. They discuss student issues and decide whether to approve various funding requests or legislation for student organizations and projects aimed to better campus. The senate has approved an assortment of projects around campus including water bottle fillers, the Diversity Alliance, the counceling center relaxation room, and much more.

If you have an idea to improve campus, reach out to one the senators listed below to help you accomplish your project.

Meet Your Representative

Colleges have a different number of representives based on the size of the college

  • Ag. Food Systems and Natural Resources (3)
  • Arts, Humanities, and Social Science (4)
  • Business (4) 
  • Engineering (6)
  • Health Professionals (4)
  • Human Development and Education (3)
  • Science and Math (3)
  • Graduate Studies (5)

Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources

Lilly Bina


Chiara Cutts


Arts, Humanities, and Social Science

Austin Anderson


Maggie Spoor



Griffin Alvarez




Natalie Lemnus


Sean Rotich


Anna Kessel


Jillian McCusker 


Jarron Larson


Makayla Schilling


Tyler Specht



Mitchell Gutzkow



Landon Allex



Ashley Peters 



Graduate Studies

Avery Jorgensen


Heather Gades


Munkaila Lambongang


Rabin Regmi


Steven Giddens


Dibyanshu Tiberwal


Human Sciences and Education




Connor Jensen


Health Professions

Joshua Eider



Kylie Schwoch



Phillip True


Science and Math

Taylor Kimball


Mark Rohleder


Leah Feland



Sahil Lohana



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