Student Fee Advisory Board

The SFAB (Student Fee Advisory Board) is charged with the purpose of providing input and oversight for mandatory student fees at North Dakota State University. Mandatory fees are student fees paid by all registered students on a per credit basis. Entities are able to submit a request to increase their respective fee in a given year to the SFAB as a proposal. SFAB evaluates the proposal(s) and determines by a majority vote the level at which they will recommend changes to the fees. Any fee increase request must be presented to the student body via an open forum and collect feedback from students on the proposal. This feedback shall be presented to the board and taken into consideration when voting. The SFAB is responsible for making these recommendations on mandatory fees to the President of the University each academic year.

The SFAB is comprised of seven students and five fee-entity representatives each year:

  • Executive Commissioner of Finance Tier I, NDSU Student Government
  • Executive Commissioner of Academic and Student Affairs, NDSU Student Government
  • Student Senator (2), NDSU Student Government
  • At-large student representatives (3) (at least one undergraduate and one graduate)
  • Career Services Fee representative
  • Health Fee representative
  • Wellness Fee representative
  • Library Fee representative
  • Technology Fee representative


Contact Information:

Kaylee Weigel, SFAB Chair

Student Body President


Please contact Kaylee with any concerns or inquiries you may have related to student fees.

Note: A proposal has been submitted for the 2023-2024 AY SFAB. An open forum for students will be Friday, January 26th at 4pm in the Anishinaabe Theater. Please find zoom links, survey links, and the proposal links below:

1/26 Proposal
1/26 Presentation
Forum Survery (open from 1/26-1/29)

Mandatory Student Fees
SFAB Bylaws
SFAB Minutes

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