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The Student Court

The Student Court is, overall, a resource for all students on campus and in Student Government to use. The court holds updated copies of the Student Body Constitution and Student Government Code. Also, justices are involved in several Student Government commissions in order to help executives with any questions regarding any legislation or projects they are working on. Justices of the Court also sit on Complaint Resolution Boards as the student member. Their presence on these boards help to keep a student perspective in disciplinary actions. The Student Court is the officiating body for both the homecoming election in the fall and the student body election in the spring. Besides these duties, the court also watches over Student Government to make sure the Student Body Constitution and the Student Government Code are followed. The court has final say over any discrepancies or disputes within Student Government.

2015-2017 Student Body Constitution

Click here to view the Constitution and here to view the SG code!

2016 Student Body Election Code

Court Members

Chief JusticeTaylor
Assistant JusticeThomas
Associate JusticeJared
Associate JusticeErica
Associate JusticeDustin

Associate Justice

Open seat
Associate JusticeOpen seat
Associate JusticeOpen seat

Associate Justice

Open seat


Court Meetings

The NDSU Student Court Meets on Sunday at 5:00pm in the Student Government Office. 

2014-2015 Court Action Plan


The Judicial Branch plays a critical role in Student Government. It is the responsibility of the Court and the Chief Justice to maintain a positive image of the Court to it's stakeholders. The two top goals for the Chief Justice and the Court is to bring awareness and understanding to what the Court does and to build relationships with the other branches of Student Government, Student Organizations, and members of Admin. The following is a guide to be used by the Court and Chief Justice.


-Continue keeping the Court involved with Student Government Events like the Student Government Retreat,   Senate Meetings, and office hours.

-Encourage Court Members to participate in Student Government Commissions.

-Encourage Court Members to work with Senators and Executives to find new ways to improve the quality of    our University.


-Continue to strengthen current relationships between the Court and its stakeholders. 

-Build new relationships with Office of International Programs and the heads of the Downtown Campus.

Know your Rights Document

-Complete the Know your Rights Document.

-Work with the Academic and Student Affairs Commission on ideas

-Work with Public Relations to bring awareness and understanding to the document.

Student Body Elections

-Promote an unrestricted Election Code.

-Encourage collaboration between the three branches.

-Work with the three branches to create an Ethics Document.

-Run the Student Body Elections

Resource for Student Organizations

-Promote the fact that the Court could be used as a resource.

-Allow Student Organizations to reach out to the Court on issues regarding the creation and revision of their    governing documents.

-Reviewing other organizations constitutions

-Begin planning with the Vice President during the Summer

-Start Committee meetings in the Fall

-Encourage participation from all branches  

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