Office of Student Body President

The Student Body President serves as the chief executive officer of NDSU Student Government and represents the voice of the students at every level of administration. In addition, the Student Body President oversees the executive team and assists them in the execution of their duties. The Student Body President sits on the President’s Cabinet along with many other campus committees and provides reports to Faculty and Staff Senate. They see that the Constitution, Student Government Code, and Finance Code are faithfully executed. The Student Body President gives the Senate information on the state of the campus and recommends for their consideration such measures judged necessary.

Contact Information

Kaylee Weigel, Student Body President 

Kaylee's Office Hours:
Monday: 11am - 2pm
Tuesday: 12pm - 3pm
Wednesday: 10am - 12pm
Thursday: 12pm - 3pm

Please contact Kaylee with any student concerns or questions you may have.

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