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Policy Manual


February 2015

The next meeting of 2014-2015 SCC is at 8:30 AM on Friday, February 20, in the Arikara Room, Memorial Union.

The deadline for policies to be submitted for this meeting is Friday, February 13. Please email policy changes to ndsu.policy.manual at



New Policies:

803 - V1 021115



353 - V2 received from Faculty Senate

Housekeeping Changes - FYI Only:

808 - Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a federal requirement; change in office to contact

For Discussion: 








January 2015




101 - V1 routed to Faculty Senate and Student Government for input.  Staff Senate for information

128 - V1 routed to all three senates for information, General counsel for final approval

190 - V1 routed to all senates as information and to General Counsel for final approval

326 - V1 Faculty Senate needs to send version 2 to Mary for SCC meeting

335 - Policy is complete, but holding until Policy 335.1 has been completed because it makes reference to it

335.1 - Faculty Senate will submit version 2 to SCC

352 - V1 routed to General Counsel for final approval

353 - V1 needs to be amended and reviewed by Faculty Senate, then V2 needs to be sent to SCC

Housekeeping Changes - FYI Only:

133.1 - Updated language that didn't get changed in a couple of places

515 - State mandated mileage change effective January 1



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Published by the Senate Coordinating Council Facilitator

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