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Graduate Program Application, Admission, Funding, and Assistantships


Application and Admission

Applications are evaluated by the Department of Plant Sciences in accordance with NDSU Graduate School submission deadlines; applications must be completed by May 1 for fall admission, October 1 for spring admission, and March 1 for summer admission. All application decisions will be finalized three weeks prior to the start of the term.

Admission requirements listed in the Graduate Catalog apply to Cereal Science, Horticulture, and Plant Science Programs.

Department of Plant Sciences graduate program applicants are not accepted without a faculty advisor being identified. As part of our application review process, all faculty have access to all applicant materials. Faculty select Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) on a competitive basis relying on several factors including previous academics and experiences, research compatibility, availability of funding, and perceived student interest and ability.

While applicants may contact faculty members to inquire about position availability prior to application submission, it is not compulsory. Please do not send documents via email due to security concerns, instead upload them into the application system.

Click here to be taken to our NDSU Graduate School application information.

Graduate Study Funding

All graduate students in Cereal Science, Horticulture, and Plant Sciences Programs must have proof of funding to support their graduate research. This funding generally comes from:

  • NDSU faculty-obtained grants (process explained above)
  • scholarship programs from applicant’s home country (international students)
  • non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • the applicant’s employer (this funding includes tuition, fees, and the cost of graduate research)

Some applicants join our programs as part-time students. Proof of funding must be provided for these applicants as well, and NDSU faculty funding is not available to those enrolling part-time.

Graduate Assistantship Policy

The Graduate Catalog offers a comprehensive explanation of eligibility for assistantships, expectations of both advisor and GRA during the assistantship, and termination of the assistantship.

Further, it is Department of Plant Sciences policy that students with a faculty-provided graduate research assistantship are not employed outside of the department. The 20-hour-weekly positions offered in the department are considered full-time.