Dr. Chen has started to create a strong international reputation by presenting her research in conferences, invited seminars, and workshops in more than countries. Her research has yielded 15 peer-reviewed articles published in journals such as Journal of Travel Research, Annals of Regional Science, Research in Transportation Business & Management, and Academy of Marketing Studies Journal.

Research Overview

Marketing is a complex social phenomenon; there is no one-size-fits-all methodology in this field. Marketing studies should be able to absorb and accommodate diverse concepts, theories, and tools from disciplines such as sociology, psychology, statistics, and economics, and form its own paradigm to explore existing and emerging problems in the business world. As the same for any discipline, the development of marketing research will be hampered by a lack of advancement in its theories and methodologies. In light of this, Dr. Chen has become a researcher who always first queries the theoretical foundation of research questions and then uses theory to inform the choice of empirical methods.

Research Interests
  • Digital Marketing
  • Service Management
  • International Business
Current Research

Dr. Chen’s research focuses on digital marketing and service management using social media data to develop new business models. Given the surge of digital transformation since the pandemic, her research about the operations management in digital business would attract the digital native Generation Z students’ interests in the classroom and also provide her opportunities to apply for some research grants beyond the classroom.

Jamie Chen

Assistant Professor of Practice
Richard H. Barry Hall 316
(701) 231-8651 


  • Ph.D. - VU School of Business and Economics, The Netherlands
  • M.S. - Beijing International Studies University, China
  • B.S. - Harbin University of Commerce, China


  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Business
  • International Marketing
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