MAcc Curriculum

Course Planning Template - Spring Semester Start


Course Number and Title



Required Courses
ACCT 735Applied Professional Research  3    fall
MIS 770Information Resources Management3fall
ACCT 750Accounting Theory3spring
ACCT 755Financial Statement Analysis3spring


Elective Courses
Select five (5) courses from the following:
ACCT 610Fraud Examination13spring/summer2
ACCT 611Advanced Fraud Examination13fall
ACCT 615Advanced Accounting13fall
ACCT 619Tax Accounting II (Business Entities)13fall
ACCT 620Accounting Information Systems13fall/spring
ACCT 625Government & Not-for-Profit Accounting13spring
ACCT 722Auditing II3spring
ACCT 725International Financial Reporting Standards3summer2
ACCT 740Advanced Topics in Management Accounting3summer2
Select one (1) course from the following or another accounting elective:
ACCT 696Special Topics3TBA
ACCT 793Individual Study/Tutorial3TBA
MIS 679Business Data Mining & Predictive Analysis3spring
TL 711Integratred Supply Chain System3TBA
TL 715Introduction to ERP3TBA
FIN 610Investment Analysis and Management3TBA
FIN 630Management of Financial Institutions3TBA
MRKT 610Consumer Behavior3TBA
MGMT 650Human Resource Management3TBA
Total Credits Required



1 Students cannot take the 600-level course if they took the 400-level course.

2 Summer courses are offered when student enrollment numbers meet the required minimum.


CORE UNDERGRADUATE ACCOUNTING COURSES: You must have completed the following courses or their equivalent.
ACCT 311                          Intermediate Accounting I                                            4
ACCT 312Intermediate Accounting II4
ACCT 320Cost Management Systems3
ACCT 418Tax Accounting I (Individuals)3
ACCT 421Auditing I3



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