TL Student Dissertation Summaries

Safety Management System for Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
Amin Keramati, Spring 2021

Outpatient Appointment Scheduling Study: Utilization Projection, No-Show Prediction, and Capacity Allocation
Fangzheng Yuan, Spring 2021

Impact of Public Transit and Walkability on Quality of Life and Equity Analysis in Terms of Access to Non-Work Amenities in the United States
Muhammad Asif Khan, Summer 2020

Three Essays on Urban Public Transit Systems in the U.S.
Narendra Dhananjaya Kumara Malalgoda, Summer 2020

Three Essays on Shared Micromobility
Ali Rahim-Taleqani, Summer 2020

Limiting Financial Risk from Catastrophic Events in Project Management
Peter Douglas Simonson, Summer 2020

A Market Incentives Analysis of Sustainable Biomass Bioethanol Supply Chains with Carbon Policies
Seyed Ali Haji Esmaeili, Spring 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility and Traffic Congestion: A Mixed Methods Study
Bukola Bakare, Spring 2020

Three Essays on Waterborne Transportation
Mohammed Hamed Alshareef, Summer 2019

Analyzing Supply Chain Networks for Blood Products
Yuan Xu, Summer 2019

Optimizing Transportation Infrastructure and Global Supply Chain Integration for Nicaragua's Autonomous Caribbean Regions through Network Modernization
James Leiman, Spring 2019

Economic Modeling of Agricultural Production in North Dakota Using Transportation Analysis and Forecasting
Nimish Laxmikant Dharmadhikari, Fall 2018

Application of Data Mining Techniques in Transportation Safety Study
Zijian Zheng, Fall 2018

Building a Predictive Model on State of Good Repair by Machine Learning Algorithm on Public Transportation Rolling Stock
Dilip Mistry, Summer 2018

Essays on Biomass Supply Chain Network Design
N. Muhammad Aalaam Mohamed Abdul Ghani, Spring 2018

An Investigation of the Impact of Social Media Platforms on Supply Chain Performance through Competitive Intelligence using AHP Model
Fesseha Gebremikael, Spring 2018

Three Essays on Sustainability of Transportation and Supply Chain
Yong Shin Park, Spring 2018

Innovative Approach to Estimating Demand for Intercity Bus Services in a Rural Environment
Jeremy Mattson, Spring 2017

Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Determinant Factors: A Quantitative Study on Small and Medium Enterprises Using Structural Equation Modeling
Sardar Zahid, Spring 2017

Modeling Petroleum Supply Chain: Multimodal Transportation, Disruptions and Mitigation Strategies
Yasaman Kazemi, Fall 2016

Municipal Solid Waste Collection Route Optimization using Geospatial Techniques: A Case Study of Two Metropolitan Cities of Pakistan
Syeda Hina, Summer 2016

Derived Demand for Grain Freight Transportation, Rail-Truck Competition, and Mode Choice and Allocative Efficiency
Elvis Ndembe, Spring 2016

Pavement Performance Evaluation Using Connected Vehicles
Raj Bridgelall, Summer 2015

Transportation Sustainability on Economic and Environmental Aspects in the United States: Statistical, Quantitative and Spatial Approaches
Jaesung Choi, Spring 2015

Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion in Global Supply Chain: Optimization Model for U.S. Container Shipment
Ju Dong Park, Spring 2015

The Impact of Automated Requisitioning Systems on the Effectiveness of Emergency Supply Chains
Matthew Shatzkin, Fall 2014

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