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Early Entry at NDSU - Now Accepting Applications for Summer & Fall Semester

Why should your child take early-entry classes?

Register your student for an early-entry course for summer or fall semester today! The Early-Entry Program allows high-school students in grades 10, 11, or 12 to take courses at NDSU while they complete their high-school diploma. A high school diploma in not required to apply for this program. Here are answers to some common questions and resources for further information.

Why do high-school students take early-entry courses? Many students and their families choose early entry to allow high-ability or gifted students to continue taking coursework in a talent area that challenges them and accelerates their learning. Classes in some talent areas are not always available at their high school. Learn more about why appropriate challenge is important for high-ability learners.

How many classes do early-entry students take? The average early-entry student at NDSU takes one or two classes per semester putting them about one semester ahead of their peers when they come to NDSU. An advantage for students to stay on track for graduation, specifically in reducing workload during semesters with classes or experiences that require more of their attention. Or, as an opportunity to double major or minor.

If you have further questions about the value of early-entry, contact the Office of Teaching and Learning.

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