Nov. 4, 2021

NDSU ‘supercharges your ability to learn’

If you’re passionate about software development and information technology, NDSU can prepare you for a successful career in cybersecurity.

NDSU’s Department of Computer Science offers two programs related to cybersecurity. Students can pursue a graduate certificate in cybersecurity or students working towards their Bachelor of Science in computer science can take a variety of classes centered on cybersecurity.

“I have always been very interested in technology, and more specifically in computer-related tech,” said Jack Hance, a student pursuing the computer science “4+1 Accelerated Master’s Program,” where he is completing his undergraduate and master’s degree programs concurrently. “Learning cybersecurity, or learning to hack, is the absolute best way to learn the ins and outs of software that most of us never give any thought to. Learning that so many different pieces of technology are connected only supercharges your ability to learn.”

Hance is president of the Cybersecurity Student Association, an organization that has contributed to his success at NDSU. Students involved in CSA teach and learn from other students about important topics such as Wi-Fi hacking, cryptocurrency and the dark web.

“NDSU has been very generous with the resources it has provided the CSA, and without their support, the organization wouldn’t exist, Hance said.

Hance credits his coursework and professors for giving him a strong understanding of cybersecurity topics.

“Students at NDSU learn key cybersecurity principles and advanced cybersecurity skills while also learning about the fundamentals of software development and key information technology skills,” said Jeremy Straub, director of the Institute for Cyber Security Education and Research and assistant professor of computer science.

“By integrating cybersecurity knowledge and coursework into our computer science and software engineering degree programs, we prepare students to develop and support secure software,” Straub said. “Many of our students go on to software development roles; however, a good number also go on to work in the information technology and cyber operations fields.”

Hance recommends that students interested in a career path in cybersecurity start preparing early and get involved on campus.

“It’s an excellent field in which to start your career, and the combination of all the different areas of our program at NDSU provide an excellent educational foundation to prepare you for these jobs,” Straub said. “The combination of cybersecurity-specific programming and other foundational knowledge that you learn will prepare you for your first job and for a successful career.”

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