Aug. 22, 2019

‘I now have the exact skills the company is looking for’

mechanical engineering

NDSU students can develop career skills while working directly on world-class research projects. The hands-on experience prepares students for graduate school and provides an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in the real world. 

Martin Eichers, a mechanical engineering major from Loretto, Minnesota, is an example of an NDSU student who took advantage of a research opportunity to enhance his NDSU experience. Eichers works with Dilpreet Bajwa, professor of mechanical engineering, on developing a new bio-based 3D printing filament. 

“The most important thing I obtained from my research is the real-world experience and engineering application,” Eichers said. “Employers often look for students with applied experiences and working as a researcher provided an overall background I need to begin my engineering career.”

The research experience also helped Eichers get a summer internship as a mechanical and materials test engineer, which will further strengthen his knowledge and skills.

“I now have the exact skills the company is looking for,” Eichers said. “The company was interested as much in my experiences at NDSU as it was in my grades.”   

Whatever you choose to study, whether it is engineering, science or the arts and humanities, you will have opportunities to get involved in research that will help prepare you for life and career.

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