NDSU families: ‘We all had a very positive experience that has opened many doors’


The Levorsen family shares a deep connection with NDSU. Aaron and Julie graduated from NDSU, and their three children all decided they wanted to have the same experience. 

“My family always stressed how much NDSU felt like a home away from home and had a real community aspect to it,” said Kara Levorsen, a junior majoring in human development and family science/elementary education. “I knew all my family loved it here, but I didn’t want to go to NDSU just because all of my family did.”

Growing up, Kara’s family shared their positive NDSU experiences with her. They talked about the campus, classrooms, faculty and friends. Still, they encouraged her to make her own decision. 

“I didn’t want Kara to feel pressured to choose NDSU. I knew she could get a good education at a lot of places,” said Kaci Levorsen, Kara’s sister. “But the additional resources and connections you get through NDSU are what really sets it apart from other universities and prepares you for a successful career.”

Kaci graduated with a double major in agricultural economics and marketing in 2018. Her brother, Connor, also earned a degree in agricultural economics in 2015. 
“After touring multiple schools, I soon realized that NDSU is where I wanted to be,” Kara said. “I knew I would have more diverse classes and great professors for my program at NDSU. I also loved the community feel, which was probably the ultimate guiding point.”

Aaron and Julie, of Elgin, North Dakota, said they are proud to have a shared NDSU experience with their children. They know what an impact NDSU had on them, so they are grateful their children could experience the same community and quality education. 

“It was each of our kids’ choice where to attend, so it’s a neat connection that all of us got our education at NDSU,” Aaron said. “We all had a very positive experience that has opened many doors in our careers and created many lasting bonds and friendships.”

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