April 15, 2021

Internship leads to a successful career


Hannah Holte’s degree in industrial engineering and management from North Dakota State University has led to a Sanford Health career where she can pursue her many analytical talents. 

Holte wanted to apply the principles learned in class to the world of health care, and she quickly learned that idea would be her path to success. An internship at Sanford Health as a student paved the way for full-time employment.

Her journey started when her older brother recommended that she pursue a degree in engineering. They shared a similar passion of digging into a problem to find the optimal solution, and Holte’s brother explained the endless employment options available with this type of degree.

“Engineering is so free and creative. It’s not pure memorization and multiple-choice answers. There are many possibilities of getting to and finding the best possible solution,” Holte said.

Holte tested her logic-based mindset and problem-solving abilities at NDSU. The industrial engineering program helped her learn the tools and principles to optimize a complex process.

After graduation, Holte accepted a full-time position as a supply chain analyst at Sanford Health in Fargo. She created reports that tracked supply chain performance and real-time visual dashboards to help hospital teams better manage their work. She said understanding NDSU classroom methodology has been helpful with her daily success.

“I really enjoy digging into a process and working with a variety of teams to understand and map out who is involved, what steps are needed, how the work is being done, and determining the pain points deterring teams from meeting their goals,” Holte said.

One of Holte’s ongoing goals is to provide value in any position she finds herself in, while also offering vision for others to follow and execute themselves.

That goal and mindset paid off. Just a year after joining Sanford full-time, Holte transitioned to supply chain project manager. Her focus now is to lead software implementations. 

She credits NDSU’s College of Engineering for preparing her for the real world, offering opportunities to work with local businesses and internships that could ultimately lead to a permanent career. 

“NDSU has ample opportunities for students interested in the field of engineering,” Holte said. “There are many different engineering student groups that allow you to tour and network with area businesses, and apply what you’re learning in class to real-world examples. But none of this is required, so it’s important to be proactive and push yourself to maximize the opportunities available for you.”

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