March 2, 2023

‘Build connections with people around you’

Stay active and enjoy time with friends by participating in intramurals at NDSU.

The NDSU Wallman Wellness Center offers a wide range of year round intramural programming. This winter, NDSU students are hitting the ice with the newest sport to be added to NDSU’s roster of intramural sports: ice hockey.

NDSU student Joe Sorenson was eager to join the intramural hockey league. He was one of the first to sign up and create a team.

“I joined intramural ice hockey because I was looking to get together with a good group of people and play the sport I love,” said Sorenson, a sophomore business administration major from Minnetonka, Minnesota. “I love intramurals because it is a good way to stay in shape while also building connections with people around you.”

The idea was formed when Marin Ehrmantraut, the graduate assistant for campus rec and intramurals at the Wellness Center, noticed students taking advantage of local outdoor rinks near campus.

“With a large population of our students from North Dakota and Minnesota, many students grew up playing ice hockey, myself included,” Ehrmantraut said. “I often drive by the outdoor rink only a few blocks from NDSU and see college students enjoying themselves in a pickup game of hockey. But, sometimes, the weather makes it difficult to go outside and play in Fargo. This is why I was inspired to start an intramural hockey league. We recently stepped on the ice for the first time with 40 students eager to play.”

NDSU offers league sports, one-day tournaments, play-on-your-own tournaments and fantasy sports. Sports range from basketball and volleyball, to more unique options like dodgeball, key log rolling and canoe battleship.

“Intramurals are an important part of the university experience because they provide opportunities for physical activity, social connection, friendly competition and a break from studies,” Ehrmantraut said. “We love getting to know our participants and seeing the friendships formed through our intramural events.”

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