‘Communication department sets you up for success’


NDSU’s journalism program in the Department of Communication will give you the skills you’ll need to succeed. 

Just ask journalism major Allye Doyle, who has wanted to work in the media industry since she was a child. 

“I've always loved the energy that comes from a studio or a recording booth. I pictured myself going from college to political correspondence in D.C., then to ‘Nightly News’ and finally landing at the ‘Today’ show. I don't know how realistic those dreams are, but I won't stop striving for them,” said the senior from Maple Grove, Minnesota. “Journalism is a beautiful thing. The stories that you investigate, the wording that you use, will directly affect the lives of your viewers or readers.”

In NDSU’s program, students are immersed in both print and broadcast journalism. A strong emphasis is placed on cross-platform reporting and multi-media storytelling.

“My professors are amazing,” Doyle said. “They really get to know you personally, and they want to make sure you get the most out of your experience in the program.”

In addition to coursework, NDSU offers many hands-on learning opportunities at the Bison Information Network’s television studio, KNDS Radio and The Spectrum student newspaper.

Doyle’s choice is the BIN, where she is the general manager. “We get to take the camera equipment out to shoot our own stories, and then come back to the lab and utilize the incredible video editing software in the BIN studio,” she said. 

“Experience is the only way to get a job in the world of journalism and the NDSU communication department gives you all the tools to build your resume before you step out their doors.” Doyle said. “This department does a really good job of setting you up for success come graduation.”