Clinical Education Sites

Clinical Education Sites

Clinical Education is defined as the application of athletic training knowledge, skills, and clinical abilities on an actual patient base that is evaluated and feedback provided by a preceptor. A student will have clinical experiences with a variety of different populations in the following areas:

  • individual and team sports
  • sports requiring protective equipment (e.g., helmet and shoulder pads)
  • patients of different sexes
  • non-sport patient populations (e.g., outpatient clinic, emergency room, primary care office, industrial, performing arts, military)
  • different socioeconomic statuses
  • pediatric to elderly patients
  • varying levels of activity and ability from low intensity activities to D1 athletics
  • a variety of conditions other than orthopedics (e.g., primary care, internal medicine, dermatology).

The Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCE) will assign each student to an affiliated on and off campus sites for each semester.

On campus sites house NCAA Division 1 athletic teams. They include the following:

Off Campus Affiliated Sites: The MATrg has various affiliated sites in the Fargo-Moorhead area consisting of high schools, colleges/universities, clinics, hospitals, and a gymnastics organization. They include the following:

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