WeBWorK--Blackboard Integration


Beginning in January 2017, the Department's WeBWorK server will allow direct login via Blackboard. New features include:

  • automatic creation of WeBWorK student accounts from Blackboard;
  • single login via Blackboard for all conforming usernames;
  • automatic grade passback from WeBWorK to Blackboard;
  • assignments are assigned once visible.

What remains the same:

  • WeBWorK courses are created at the request of course instructors by the department WeBWorK administrators;
  • TA/professor accounts must be manually created on WeBWorK;
  • assignments are created, opened and closed on WeBWorK.


  1. creating a new course (admin)
  2. adding TAs or other professors
  3. creating an assignment in WeBWorK
  4. linking to an assignment from Blackboard
  5. logging in to WeBWorK
  6. FAQ (including known bugs).
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