April 17, 2024

Battle of the Cent-es sets record


NDSU students raised a record $11,178.94 during the 13th annual Battle of the Cents-es. The fundraising competition, held April 8 through April 10, pits student ambassadors from the College of Engineering against student ambassadors from the College of Health and Human Sciences.

The money, including the anonymous donations of several rare coins, will benefit Grand Forks Red River High School student Dawson VanSickle, who is battling a rare bone cancer.

VanSickle went into the doctor for what was thought to be a football injury, only to find out he has Osteosarcoma. Strong doses of chemotherapy began soon after, and VanSickle spent many days and holidays in the hospital to recover after each dose. 

VanSickle had a life-saving surgery at Mayo Hospital in January, where his left leg was amputated above the knee. He will continue chemotherapy through the end of May, and with an anticipated healthy checkup in July, he will be fitted for a prosthetic and complete a two-week bootcamp at Mayo to learn how to walk and eventually run again.

Funds collected from Battle of the Cents-es will go toward his continued care. His stepmother, Candace VanSickle, is currently a senior lecturer at NDSU in the department of human development and family science.

During the competition, students collected donations at booths in the engineering complex, Aldevron Tower, Memorial Union and online through Venmo. Teams earn positive points for change or Venmo donations. Cash donations subtract from the other team’s point total.

The College of Engineering earned the most points and raised the most money during the event. When all the coins, bills and Venmo donations were counted the totals looked like this:

College of Engineering (4,911.63 Points)

  • Venmo - $993.08
  • Coins - $4,925.83
  • Cash - $2,360

College of Health and Human Sciences (-467.25 Points)

  • Venmo - $1,577.50
  • Coins - $315.25
  • Cash - $1,007.28

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