Jan. 18, 2024

Get involved at NDSU


Getting involved at NDSU is easy. Nearly 300 student groups, clubs and organizations on campus fit a variety of diverse interests.  

According to Rachel Anfinson, a senior double majoring in political science and finance who is executive commissioner of the Congress of Student Organizations, joining a club allows students to make lifelong friends and to find their place on campus.  

“Getting involved on campus is a great way to meet people with similar interests but different backgrounds, expose you to new experiences and make lasting memories, all while making a difference in the NDSU community,” said Anfinson, who is from Williston, North Dakota. “College can be overwhelming and having a club or activity to go to with students having the same experience can be a huge benefit.”

There are many ways students can explore the clubs and organizations on campus. One is to attend the Involvement Expo held at the start of every fall and spring semester. Additionally, students can browse all of the organizations on myNDSU.

“The website will provide you with a description of the club, contact information and the ability to join, which in turn will inform you of meetings and events the organization is having,” Anfinson said. 

If a student has an idea to start their own club, they can reach out to Anfinson to talk about the specifics. 

“To start a club at NDSU, all you need is nine NDSU students interested, an advisor and a MyNDSU page submitted,” she said. “From there we will set up a meeting with the CSO Commission.”

Along with the friends and memories students will make from campus involvement, student organizations are a way to build on skills outside of the classroom. 

Anfinson encourages students to take the step of reaching out to an organization they think they’ll enjoy. 

“Learning how to put yourself out there is huge. Joining a club can be intimidating, and it is scary to walk into a meeting where you may be new to the activity or not know anyone,” she said. “Joining clubs and getting involved in campus is a great way to ease into getting to know and work with people from a multitude of backgrounds. This is a great skill that you will not always be able to learn in a classroom setting of students in the same area of study.” 

Learn more about NDSU by scheduling a visit and apply now to start your NDSU experience.  

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