Nov. 16, 2023

NDSU professor awarded agriculture grant


The National Institute of Food and Agriculture has announced several grants totaling $900,000 in critical agricultural economics research to be led by associate professor and Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies Director, Sandro Steinbach, at NDSU. 

These grants, part of NIFA’s broader $22 million investment, are targeted toward assessing global value chains, economic sanctions, agricultural trade, and the implications of geopolitical events on global agriculture.

Steinbach will lead two crucial projects funded by grants of $50,000 each. The first project is a workshop to delve into the transformation of agricultural global value chains, examining the intricate relationship between agricultural trade and domestic and international policies. The second project is a conference focused on understanding the ramifications of declining multilateralism and the surge of economic sanctions on global agriculture and trade.

Steinbach spearheads a research project on the global implications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on agricultural trade, commodity prices, and cross-border investments. This $800,000 grant project, led by a team of researchers including Steinbach, commenced on April 15, 2023, and continues until April 14, 2027. The research will provide robust quantitative evidence on the short-run and long-run trade and value chain implications, shedding light on the global reallocation and welfare effects triggered by this geopolitical crisis.

“Our work focuses on quantifying the conflict’s impact on agricultural price, value chains and investment, which will be crucial for advancing robust, resilient food systems in turbulent times,” Steinbach said. “By analyzing the trade and investment disruptions stemming from the Russia-Ukraine situation, our goal is to provide a data-driven foundation for policies that mitigate the impact on global food markets.”

These projects are part of NIFA’s commitment to bolstering fundamental and applied knowledge in food and agricultural sciences, which is crucial for navigating contemporary and forthcoming societal challenges. The grants are funded by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative’s Foundational and Applied Science Program, the nation’s leading and most extensive competitive grants program for agricultural sciences.

The outcomes of these research initiatives are expected to significantly contribute to policy deliberations, foster international cooperation and enhance the competitiveness and global participation of U.S. farmers and ranchers.

For more information about these grants and the detailed objectives of the projects, visit the Challey Institute website, or contact Allison Fulton.

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