May 26, 2023

Student selected for Astronaut Scholarship


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Jacob Sundberg received the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year. Sundberg is a mechanical engineering student from East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

NDSU senior Jacob Sundberg has been awarded the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year. Sundberg, who is from East Grand Forks Minnesota, is majoring in mechanical engineering.

“I am honored to be the recipient of such an award,” Sundberg said. “I greatly appreciate the privilege to have the work I have completed so far as an engineering student recognized by this prestigious society. I am also very excited to have the privilege to work with other scholars during the Innovators Week and Gala in Orlando, Florida.”

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation was created to ensure that the United States maintains its leadership in science and technology by supporting some of the best science, technology, engineering and mathematics college students.

The foundation awarded its first seven scholarships in 1986 when each founding Mercury 7 astronaut sponsored a $1,000 scholarship. The foundation now awards more than 60 scholarships valued up to $15,000 to each selected scholar. A total of 68 students from 45 different universities across the United States received awards this year.

“Jake has been performing very well in our mechanical engineering program at NDSU,” said Chad Ulven, professor and mechanical engineering chair. “In addition to his studies, he sought me out to perform research in my lab as an undergraduate. That speaks to his ambition and wanting to get involved in activities to expand his skills outside of the classroom.”

During the past three years, Sundberg has contributed to important research and development projects. He assisted in research geared toward the development of high performing composite material 3D printers and worked with compression molding composite manufacturing and robotic coding. Ulven is Sundberg’s research advisor.

“The projects I’ve been involved with will prepare me for success as they have given me hands on experience for what it takes to be constantly working towards success in the development of new technologies that will better serve us in the future,” Sundberg said. “I will implement the experience I’ve gained to help pave the way to a successful career.

“I really enjoy the wide range of subjects that this major allows me to learn. It allows me to have flexibility in my work and requires a variety of perspectives to solve problems.”

Sundberg said after graduation he hopes to participate in research and development projects during his career as an engineer.

‘My experience at NDSU has been overwhelmingly positive,” Sundberg said. “The College of Engineering has pushed me to always do my best work. The opportunity to get involved with related research with the university further enhanced my experience by giving me a hands on, self-driven way of learning outside of the class environment. It also gave me work experience needed to establish a strong start to my career as an engineer.”

As a student-focused, land-grant, research university, we serve our citizens.

In total, almost 800 students have received Astronaut Scholarships through the years, with more than $8.3 million being awarded.

As a student-focused, land-grant, research institution, we serve our citizens.

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