Past Dissertation Titles

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Listed below in order of author, title, and chair (if applicable).

  • Ashley Benson, Childhood Obesity: Developing Early Nutrition and Feeding Education for Parents at Well Child Visits, Tina Lundeen
  • Teresa Formo, Lung Cancer Screening: Identification of High Risk Patients and Shared Decision-Making, Kelly Buettner-Schmidt
  • Kayli Gross, Identifying Risk for HIV and Implementation of PrEP Amonst Primary Care Providers, Kara Falk
  • Joshua Hadsell, Colorectal Cancer: Utilizing Educational Handouts, Endorsement Letters, and Questionnaires to Increase Screening and Identifying Barriers and Facilitators at a Rural Clinic in Elgin, North Dakota, Kara Falk
  • Heather Kranitz, Identification of Disordered Eating Behaviors in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes, Adam Hohman
  • Erin Lubitz, Skin Cancer Screening in Primary Care Using Dermoscopy, Dean Gross
  • Gretchen Peters, Skin Cancer Screening with the Use of Dermoscopy in Primary Care, Dean Gross
  • Nicole Pink, A Collaborative Hypertension Clinic Pilot Program in Rural Primary Care, Heidi Saarinen
  • Haley Pomonis, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Needs in Rural ND: A Needs Assessment, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Liya Rodovskaya, Improving the Diagnosis and Management of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in Rural Healthcare Setting, Mykell Barnacle
  • Jaclin Seeberg, Opioids: Implementation of Opioid Prescribing Education and Policy in a Primary Care Center, Allison Peltier
  • Shaun Seibold, Identifying Barriers to Preventive/Primary Care Utilization of Men in a Rural Setting, Dean Gross
  • Lisa Swanson, Diabetes Education Among American Indians on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation: Improving Educational Interventions in the School Setting, Mykell Barnacle
  • Lisa Vaca, Implementation of a Diabetes-Related Distress Scale in a Primary Care Clinic, Allison Peltier
  • Kari Bergman, Implementation of Prenatal Services in a Rural Setting, Kara Falk
  • Laura Bond, Colorectal Cancer Screening:  A Collaboration with Public Health and Primary Care to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Rural North Dakota Community, Heidi Saarinen
  • Jordan Coplin, Development and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Buprenorphine-Naloxone Medication Assisted Program in a Primary Care Setting, Tina Lundeen
  • Julie Emerson, Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Primary Care:  Recommendations for Practice, Molly Secor-Turner and Kelly Buettner-Schmidt Co-Chairs
  • Sarah Frauenberg, Aspirin Use for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Dean Gross
  • Carly Hanson, HPV Immunization: Reducing Missed Opportunities Through Enhanced Provider Knowledge and Communication Strategies, Allison Peltier
  • Sarah Hanson, Understanding Provider Knowledge and Awareness About Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives, Mykell Barnacle
  • Ryan Heisler, Addressing Advance Directives in Rural Primary Care North Dakota Implementing a Tool for Healthcare Providers, Adam Hohman
  • Kristen Hogan, Implementation of Ankle-Brachial Index to Screen for Peripheral Artery Disease in High-Risk Asymptomatic Populations, Mykell Barnacle
  • Samantha Hulst, Diabetes Self-Management Education Service at a Rural Minnesota Health Clinic, Heidi Saarinen
  • Aminata Kamara, Assessing Postpartum Depression in the Refugee Population in a Primary Care Setting, Heidi Saarinen
  • Kati Motis, Increasing Awareness of the Role of Breast Density as an Independent Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study, Tina Lundeen
  • Taylor Mueller, Promoting Tobacco Cessation in a Rural North Dakota Primary Care Clinic, Tina Lundeen
  • Lindsey Sand, Emergency Skills Competency Among Rural North Dakota Nurse Practitioners, Adam Hohman
  • Trevor Stavig, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in North Dakota: Database to Screening: Bridging the Gap Between What We Know and Where to Go, Tina Lundeen
  • Amanda Abrams, Emergency/Disaster Preparedness of Rural Healthcare Providers, Adam Hohman 
  • Mariya Bowen, Development of a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses:  A Case Study, Tina Lundeen
  • Amber Burgad, Provider Communication Regarding Childhood Vaccines:  An Educational Module, Heidi Saarinen
  • Katlyn Dobberstein, A Data Analysis of the Predictive Risks for Readmission of Patients with Depression Post-Myocardial Infarction. Dean Gross
  • Karissa Emerson, Osteoporosis Treatment Based on Fracture Risk:  A Quality of Care Study, Mykell Barnacle
  • Brittany Frank, Development and Implementation of a Peer Mentoring Program for Undergraduate Student Nurses, Heidi Saarinen
  • Sarah Hanish, Colorectal Cancer: Improving Screening Compliance with the Utilization of FIT-DNA (Cologuard), Kara Falk
  • Carrie Nelson, An Assessment of Psychological Distress and Resilience Among Nurse Practitioner Students, Mykell Barnacle
  • Laura Rupp, Disaster Preparedness of Rural Healthcare Providers, Adam Hohman
  • Josie Senger, A Concussion Toolkit Educational Session:  Promoting Evidence-Based Management of Youth Concussion in a Rural Primary Care Setting. Dean Gross
  • Sarah Siebert, Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Knowledge, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Barriers:  A College-Based Intervention for Students to Increase Knowledge, Vaccine Intent, and Vaccine Uptake. Mykell Barnacle
  • Kelsey Striefel, Opiods:  A Reason for Concern. Mykell Barnacle
  • Elizabeth Ugelstad, Developing and Implementing an Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sleep Study Patient Education Video in a Sleep Medicine Clinic, Heidi Saarinen
  • Kayla Weigel, Decreasing Caregiver Burden:  A Quality Improvement Intervention, Dean Gross
  • Deanna Wieser, Barriers to New Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction, Tina Lundeen
  • Monica Wenschlag, Enhancing Resilience and Self-Efficacy Through COPE: Rural High School Seniors, Tina Lundeen
  • Katie Banley, Assessing the Health Needs of Women Reentering the Community After Incarceration, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Dustin Czapiewski, Enhancing the Orientation Process for Nurse Practitioners Entering Primary Care, Tina Lundeen
  • Julian Good, Screening for Bipolar Disorder in the Primary Care Setting Using the Mood Disorder Questionnaire, Tina Lundeen
  • Sheila Greseth, Addressing Lyme Disease:  An Educational Module for Healthcare Providers, Dean Gross
  • Kari Hektner, Easing the Transition:  Needs Assessment and Seminar Development for Novice Advanced Practice Clinicians in Primary Care, Mykell Barnacle
  • Erin Hencley, Screening for Skin Cancer in Primary Care:  Implementation of Dermoscopy, Dean Gross
  • Liz Hodny, Increasing Awareness and Knowledge About Ovarian Cancer to Enhance Health Outcomes of Women, Tina Lundeen
  • Jessica Lindblom, Cope:  Evaluation of a School-Based Intervention to Improve the Overall Mental Health, Resiliency, and Social-Emotional Development of Rural North Dakota Adolescent Youth, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Jenna Wallace, Chronic Pain Management: Implementing Best Practice Strategies, Mykell Barnacle
  • Lindsey Weisgarber, Implementing a Comprehensive Diabetes and Depression Program at Family Health Care, Mykell Barnacle
  • Rayna Bergseth, Improving Resident Assistants’ Knowledge About Eating Disorders on a College Campus, Tina Lundeen
  • Rebecca Boesl, Essential Oil Education for Healthcare Providers, Heidi Saarinen
  • Kayla Chesley, Screening for Youth Depression in Primary Care, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Val Erickson, Increasing LARC Utilization Through Standardized Contraception Education, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Amanda Helmer, Increasing Provider Awareness and Knowledge About Preconception Care to Women of Reproductive Age, Mykell Barnacle
  • Nicholee Lange, Eating Disorder Screening Evaluation and Referral in the Primary Care Setting, Tina Lundeen
  • Saundra Lauer, Improving Stroke Care and Patient Outcomes in a Rural Minnesota Hospital, Dean Gross
  • Vanessa Lien, Screening for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Rural Farmers, Dean Gross
  • Anna Thomas, Looking Beyond the Question “Do You Feel Safe at Home?”: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know to Identify, Support, and Appropriately Refer Female Victims to Intimate Partner Violence. Mykell Barnacle
  • Nathan Tiedeman, Screening and Brief Intervention for 12-25 Year Olds in Primary Care, Dean Gross
  • Ginger Warren, Prescription Drug Abuse: Implementing an Evidence-Based Pain Management Protocol, Mykell Barnacle
  • Natalie Aughinbaugh,The Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Problem, Mykell Barnacle
  • Kayla Dascher, Teamwork During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations at a Rural Minnesota Hospital, Mykell Barnacle
  • Laurel Dimler, Implementation of Fluoride Varnish as a Quality Improvement Intervention for Primary Care Providers in a Rural Pediatric Population, Dean Gross
  • Jenna Gross, Implementing Provider Orders For Life-Sustaining Treatments Into Bemidji Dialysis, Tina Lundeen
  • Emily Kalina, Standardized Postpartum Depression Screening and Treatment, Norma Kiser-Larson
  • Dianne Kappelman Beyer, Addressing Student Depression on Campus:  Barriers and Assets. Molly Secor-Turner
  • Christa Kleinjan, Concussion Assessment and Management in Young Athletes:  A Primary Care Module, Dean Gross
  • Christine Olson,Emergency Care Education for Advanced Practice Providers in Rural Critical Access Hospitals, Mykell Barnacle
  • Allison Peltier, Addressing Cervical Cancer Disparities Among American Indian Women: Implementing An Educational Module for Healthcare Providers, Loretta Heuer
  • Vanessa Skolness, Success Through Transition:  A Transition Planning Checklist for Diabetes Care Transition, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Taryn Treumer, Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale: Implementation in a Primary Care Setting, Dean Gross
  • Jamie Upton, Medication Therapy at Discharge and Medical Follow Up: Outcomes Following Surgical Coronary Revascularization in American Indians, Loretta Heuer
  • Molly Vasihnav, Breast Cancer Screening in Native American Women at an Urban Minnesota Community Clinic, Tina Lundeen
  • Melinda Anderson, Improving Adolescent Friendly Healthcare Services: Implementing Comprehensive Psychosocial Histories into Practice, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Danielle Danielson, Designing a Hypertension Management Program for Family, Tina Lundeen
  • Ashley Huot, Development of Interprofessional Education Modules for Implementation in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Curriculum, Dean Gross
  • Bonita Jenzen, Primary Care Resource and Referral Guide for Children 4-11 Years of Age with ADHD, Mykell Barnacle
  • Toby Redden, New Referral Hepatitis C Protocol: The New Standard, Tina Lundeen
  • Nichole Roller,Development of an Algorithm for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery, Tina Lundeen
  • Jenna Stout, Evaluating an Evidence-Based Prevention Program Delivered by Primary Care Providers and In-Home Nurse Visits: The Period of Purple Crying: An Abusive Head Trauma Prevention Program, Molly Secor-Turner
  • Kayla Thompson, Implementation of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test to Improve Practice in a Rural Primary Care Clinic, Dean Gross
  • Kelly Agnello, Assessment of Obese Children within a Family-Vased Intervention Pilot Study
  • Leah Brewster, "I am AIDS" - Bridging the Gap
  • Angela Dolalie Kelsch, Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol Use in College Students
  • Kathryn Stendgard (Gustin), Skin Cancer Prevention in North Dakota Farmers and Ranchers
  • Alicia Hauff, Medical Respite Care for Fargo-Moorhead Homeless Population: A Needs Assessment
  • Andrea Middlestead, Cultural Awareness and Provider Based Care for Refugee Women
  • Nancy Nyongesa, Implementing and Evidence-based Oral Health Assessment Tool (OHAT) in a Nursing Home
  • Lisa Schoenberg, Assessing North Dakota Nurse Practitioner's Knowledge of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network's Treatment Guidelines for Adult Cancer Pain
  • Lisa Ann Gerhart, Mentorship Needs Of Novice Advance Practice Providers And Recommended For Practice
  • Hope Marie Mathern, Healthcare Providers' Attitude, Understanding, And Perceived Benefits Of Exercise On Depression In Primary Care
  • Julie Mae Ternes, Barriers To Measuring Waist Circumference In Primary Care
  • Chantee Seung, An Assessment Of Patient Health Literacy Levels And Preferred Learning Styles
  • Bethany Joy Mello, Determining The Need For A Student Health Service Center On A Small Liberal Arts College Campus
  • Kara Lewis, Effective nurse leader characteristics: Recommendations for leadership success of the DNP
  • Brooke Brekke, Providers' perceptions and attitudes of a nutritional assessment and screening tool in congestive heart failure patients.
  • Camille Brown, Evidence based best practice for intimate partner violence screening by nuse practitioners in the primary care setting
  • Linda Kibot, Assessing nurse practitioner knowledge about the use of American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines for diagnosing and managing patients with heart failure
  • Jill McMullen, A grassroots letter writing campaign to affect health policy and improve health among Minnesotans
  • Sharon Simon, Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation
  • Jana Suder, Screening for eating disorders in primary care
  • Bonnie Lee Kihne, Willingness Of Nurse Practitioners To Address Parental Perceptions Of Childhood Weight
  • Alison Jo Edin, Standardizing Practice Through A Resource For Camp Nurses
  • Elisha Dawn Anderson, Impact of Education On Parents In Motivating Initiation And Completion Of HPV Vaccination Series In Rural Adolescents
  • Amber Jean Sandness, Soporific Solutions
  • Julie Ann Tobkin, Healthcare Provider Evaluation Of Sexual History Questionnaire At A Public Health Clinic
  • Marisa Lea Zutter, The Effect Of Sauna Therapy As A Form Of Complimentary Therapy On Perceived Stress Levels, Pulse And Blood Pressure
  • Susan Marie Harris, Hypertension Therapeutic Goal Attainment In Patients With Dual Diagnosis Of Hypertension And Diabetes
  • Arian Lorene Klose, The Effects Of Internalized Stigma Of Mental Illness In Self-Efficacy
  • Sara Beth Hansen, Family Practice Providers' Attitudes And Perceptions Of Antibiotic Resistance, And Intention To Practice Prudent Use Of Antibiotics
  • Heidi Saarinen, Breastfeeding during infant immunization
  • Jana Sundeen, The impact of vitamin D education on healthcare providers
  • Leslie Koltes, Healthcare workers' attitudes, understanding and perceived risk of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • Tina Marie Lundeen, Nurse Practitioner Knowledge, Beliefs, And Attitudes About Obesity, The Obese Patient, And The Management Of Obesity In Clinical Practice
  • Bonnie Lynn McGuire, Adult Output Chemotherapy Patients' Attitudes And Preferences Toward Complimentary And Alternative Therapies (CAM) And The Physical Environment Of Treatment
  • Benjamin Bruce Ranstrom, Taking Steps Together: A Family Centered, Lifestyle Education And Behavioral Modification Program For Overweight And Obese Children And Their Families
  • Terry Lynn Evers, Schizophrenia Physical Co-Morbidity Case Study
  • Jessice Gabrielle Olson, Retrospective Analysis Of Puerperal Depression, Assessment, And Treatment
  • Mykell Marie Barnacle, Young Women's Knowledge About HPV, Cervical Cancer And The HPV Vaccine
  • Adam Gregory Hohman, Disaster Preparedness Of North Dakota Nurse Practitioners For Biological/Chemical Agents
  • Mary Jo Olson McCracken, Meeting The Self-Care Needs Of Adolescent And Young Adults With Cystic Fibrosis
  • Tamara Ann Garberg, Understanding Students' Indoor Tanning Practice And Beliefs
  • Tosha Lynn Bayer, The Effect Of A Health Information Intervention Of Perceptions Regarding Colorectal Cancer
  • Jessica Lynn Hanzel, An Assessment Of Patient Health Literacy Levels
  • Kelly Ann Kruschke, An Impact Of Guided Imagery On Healthcare Employees As A Means To Lower Their Blood Pressure, Pulse, And Perceived Levels Of Stress
  • Georgia Gayle Nygaard, Disaster Nursing: The Primary Care Challenge
  • Aaron Kevin Lindstrom, Patient Health Literacy Levels And The Readability Of Patient Education Materials
  • Jeanne Ann Unterseher, Cardiovascular Health Risk Management
  • Manuel James, Circadian Rhythm Of People Of A Sub-Polar Region
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