LPN Admission Requirements and Process


1. Completion of the NLN NACE II (RN-BSN) Exams in the areas of Adult Health, Mental Health, Care of the Child, Care of the Client during Childbearing is required prior to applying to the professional program.

  • Passing scores are determined by exam normed data. (Usually around 70%)
  • Exams may be taken twice in a calendar year.
  • Cost of the exams is subject to change, currently $35-65/each. Student is responsible for the cost.
  • Exams are administered a minimum of twice a year, April and August. Dates are posted on the NDSU School of Nursing website in February and June.
  • Exams are Computer-Based, and currently are only available to take at NDSU

2. Admission to NDSU (it is recommended the application be submitted by Sept. 1st for spring start).a. Admission to NDSU not required to complete the validation exams (NACE II exams).

3. Completed Application, (sent to students after passing all 4 NACE exams) Application deadline: Oct. 15th.

  • Includes two References
  • Application Capacity Fee (currently $50 but is subject to change)
  • Criminal background check (See College of Health Professions Policy 3.08). ($50.75 fee)

4. Professional Nursing Program Requirements

  • NLN NACE II exams must be completed with passing score prior to applying to the professional program.
  • Graduate with a Diploma in Nursing and completion of 60 or more college/university credits, Associate of Applied Science, or an Associate of Arts or Science.
  • Cumulative GPA of a 2.75 or greater and a Nursing GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • The completion of the following courses with a "C" or higher:
    • Biology 220/2201 & 221/2211: Anatomy and Physiology I and II with lab
    • Microbiology 202/202L: Introduction to Microbiology
    • English 120: College Composition II
    • Communications 110: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
    • Psychology 250: Developmental Psychology
    • Sociology 110: Introduction to Sociology
  • Current unencumbered Nursing License as a Licensed Practical Nurse in an eligible state, or must be able to obtain license by May and will be admitted on probation pending licensure.

5. Upon admission, students must provide documentation of the following:

  • CPR for the Healthcare Provider
  • Health Status and required immunization documentation
  • FBI background Check with fingerprints ($25)

6. Additional courses will be required for the nursing major including, Chemistry Concepts (Chem 117/L); Biochemistry (Bioc 260); Introduction to Psychology (Psyc 111 ).

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