Validation Exams

The NACE II (RN-BSN) exams are in the areas of: Adult Health, Mental Health, Care of the Child, Care of the Client during Childbearing. An overall score 60-70% * is required to be eligible for application. 

Exams may be taken twice in a calendar year. Student are responsible for the cost of the exam ($35-65/each but subject to change). These computer-based exams are offered in April and August at NDSU.

Validation Exam Information

Validation Exam registration occurs through the NLN. Registration information will be posted with dates of exams.

The exams are computer-based and must be proctored. Testing is set up on the NDSU campus.

Testing is not currently available at any other location (than Fargo, ND) and are computer-based and taken at NDSU. Exams are offered in April and August.

The exams are content focused and NCLEX books (RN or PN) are recommended for review of content to prepare for the exams.

To review what content is on each exam and for additional information regarding the exams, please see the NLN Information Bulletin.  

*Exact score required varies per exam


The NACE II (Validation) Exams will be offered Monday, August 5th, 2019 & Tuesday, August 6th, 2019.

The exams are only offered on the NDSU Campus and will be in the Quentin Burdick Building room 116.

Space is limited so early registration is recommended.

More information and registration can be completed at:

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