Core Values


Our School promotes a diverse environment where students, faculty, and staff can achieve their maximum potential; where academic freedom is protected; where collegiality and inclusivity are practiced; where individuals and ideas are welcomed and respected; where students and learning are paramount; and where research and innovation are recognized and valued.

Serving the health care needs of the citizens of North Dakota is our primary goal through having quality people and programs that positively impact the advancement of health care through education, research, and practices in the state, region, nation, and world.


Our School strives to be a center of excellence within the University, state, and nation which is committed to continuous quality improvement of its curriculum, programs, and people.

Professionalism and Ethics

Our School values and promotes professionalism and ethics in all its people, programs, and endeavors including fostering an environment where students, faculty, and staff serve as role models in the profession and community by representing the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior. Honesty, integrity, and collegiality guide all interactions with students, faculty, staff, administration, peers, and the public.Knowledge, Teaching, and LearningOur School is committed to the profession of pharmacy and to society for creating, communicating, and applying knowledge about the latest advances in health care within the discipline.  It endeavors to provide an environment open to free exchange of ideas, where professionalism, innovation, scholarship, and learning can flourish.

Research and Scholarship

Our School is committed to creating new knowledge; incorporating new discovery and innovation, teaching, integration, and application as integral and complementary components of research and scholarship.

Patient-Centered Care

Our School believes that the primary purpose of the profession of pharmacy is to deliver patient- and population- centered research and care to improve the overall health and quality of life of patients.

Interprofessional Team Approach

Our School recognizes and values an interprofessional team-based approach to patient care, education, and research where each discipline works collaboratively to attain greater knowledge, expertise, and outcomes than what they are capable of accomplishing individually.

Approved: SOP Faculty Meeting, September 6, 2018

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