Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty and Staff

Our outstanding pharmaceutical sciences department faculty members are committed to delivery of excellent pharmaceutical science education and training and actively participate in interdisciplinary research enterprise. The Department’s mission is to support, educate, and train undergraduate and graduate students to become highly skilled and caring healthcare professionals and create new knowledge through excellence in pharmaceutical research.


FILLMORE, Natasha, Assistant Professor, 701.231.1876, Sudro 108B,

GOMES, Roberto, Assistant Professor, 701-231.1718, Sudro 210B,  
GUO, Ang, Assistant Professor, 701.231.5164, Sudro 11,  


JARAJAPU, Yagna, Associate Professor, 701.231.8843, Sudro 16A,  


KROM, Janet, Administrative Assistant, 701.231.7661, Sudro 136, 


LAYEK, Buddhadev, Assistant Professor, 701.231.7906, Sudro 116B,
LECLERC, Estelle, Associate Professor, 701.231.5187, Sudro 5B, 
LIVERANI, Elisabetta, Assistant Professor, Sudro 222C, 


MALLIK, Sanku, Professor, 701.231.7888, Sudro 35A,
MATHEW, Sijo, Assistant Professor, 701.231.8214, Sudro 6B1, 
MONSON, Mimi, Administrative Assistant/COBRE, 701.231.5192, Sudro 102,   


O'ROURKE, Stephen, Professor, 701.231.7836, Sudro 205A, 


SINGH, Jagdish, Professor & Chair, 231.7943, 136C,
STEFFEN, Kristine, Professor, 701.231.5177, Sudro 222F,
SUN, Chengwen, Associate Professor, 701.231.6454, Sudro 8B2, 


VENKATACHALEM, Sathish, Associate Professor, 701.231.6371, Sudro 203, 
VETTER, Stefan, Assistant Professor, 701.231.5281, Sudro 5A, 

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