Research Facilities (PSCI)

Graduate students in Pharmaceutical Sciences have their own suite of offices with individual desks and computers as well as printers and a lounge area. In addition, many graduate students have a research office desk. The College of Health Professions has graduate research laboratories housing a wide range of instruments and equipment including electrophysiological recording equipment, centrifuges, laminar flow hoods, tissue culture incubators, centrifuges, several high-performance liquid chromatographs, behavioral testing facilities, neurosurgical suite, animal housing facilities, cardiovascular recording equipment, radioligand and radioimmunoassay capabilities, chemical structure analysis equipment, and molecular modeling workstations. NDSU is a very cooperative environment providing the opportunity to interact with diverse researchers and various laboratories. The department is amassing expertise in neuropharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and pharmaceutics.

The College of Health Professions maintains a library with more than 6500 books and periodicals. The University Library system maintains holdings of over 1 million. The library system is moving toward a modern interlibrary loan system to provide access to journal articles from any regional libraries upon request.

Common-Used Equipment Facility


  • Confocal microscope (Olympus)
  • Iomega Imaging System (Alpha Innotech)
  • Cell Cytometry (Guava PCA system)
  • SpectroMax M5 (Molecular Devices)
  • CD, Model J-815, Jasco
  • CEM Microwave Protein Synthesizer
  • LC/MS, GC/MS
  • EPR
  • LABCONCO Freeze Dryer
  • High speed centrifuge (Beckman)
  • Ultracentrifuge (Beckman)
  • UV spectrophotometer (Shimadzu)
  • -80OC Fridges (Revco)
  • Water systems (Millipore)
  • Ice machine (Vivian Cornelius)
  • pH meters (VWR)
  • Analytical balance (Cole-Parmer)
  • Scintillation counter (Packard tri-carb)
  • Gamma counter (Packard)
  • Malvern Zetasizer Nano-ZS90
  • LC-MS-MS
  • VWR ThermoSafe Dry Ice Machine
  • Bio-Rad Mini –Protean Tetra systems 


  • Tissue culture facility
  • Cold room
  • Dark Room
  • Small Animal facility
  • Nude Mice Facility
  • BRIN Computing Network
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