Department of Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice strives to provide students with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes necessary to become capable pharmacy practitioners able to deliver high-quality patient-centered care upon entering the profession regardless of the practice environment. The Department provides teaching, service, and research/scholarship that promote population and vital communities in North Dakota and advance postgraduate education through affiliated pharmacy residency programs. Pharmacy Practice faculty provide patient-centered care for patients and precept pharmacy students in a variety of pharmacy settings. The Department provides educational support for pharmacy students, licensed pharmacy professionals, and pharmacy technicians. The Department also coordinates scholarly and service activities to promote better health care in North Dakota, help address gaps in health care, and meet evolving health-related needs through development of skills, knowledge, research, and innovation in pharmacy-related practices and services. 



ARMBRUST, Sydney, Assistant Professor of Practice, Sudro 118B,


BIBERDORF, Robert, Professor Emeritus
BRYNJULSON, Rebecca, Assistant Professor of Practice/IPPE Director, 701.231.7477, Sudro 20,  


CERNUSCA, Dan, Associate Professor/Instructional Designer, 701.231.7729, Sudro 118P,  


DEWEY, Mark, Associate Professor of Practice, 701.231.7589, Sudro 118Q,
DICKERSON, Jane, Experiential Assistant, 701.231.5576, Sudro 20,
DRUMMOND, Amy, Lecturer, 701.231.5750, Sudro 118C, 


EUKEL, Heidi, Professor, 701.231.7602, Sudro 118G, 


FRENZEL, Jeanne, Professor, 701.231.8546, Sudro 118F,


KELSCH, Michael, Senior Associate Dean for Pharmacy & Professor, 701.231.6528, Sudro 123D, 
KENZIE, Daniel, Assistant Professor, 701.231.5162, Sudro 118J,  


MAACK, Brody, Vice Chair/Associate Professor, 701.231.9781, Sudro 118L, 
MILLER, Don, Professor Emeritus, 
MONSON, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor of Practice, Sudro 118B,
MUZZY, Julia, Associate Professor of Practice, 701.231.7501, Sudro 118U,  


NAUGHTON, Cynthia, Professor Emeritus


PARRY, Emily, Assistant Professor of Practice, Sudro 118P, 
PETERSON, Charles, Professor and Dean Emeritus
PETRY, Natasha, Associate Professor of Practice, 701.231.6554, Sudro 20D, 


RICHTER, Lisa, Director of Experiential Outreach and Assessment/Associate Professor of Practice, 701.231.5178, Sudro 20A, 


SCOTT, David, Professor Emeritus
SKOY, Elizabeth, Professor, 701.231.5669, Sudro 118E,
STEIG, JAYME, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.1878, Sudro 118N, 
STRAND, Mark, Professor, 701.231.7497, Sudro 118K,  


TRAUTMANN, Jean, Academic Assistant, 701.231.7589, Sudro 118A,  


UNDEM, Teri, Director - Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience/Senior Lecturer, 701.231.6578, Sudro 20C,  


VIETS, Joan, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.6685, Sudro 118M,  


WERREMEYER, Amy, Chair & Professor, 701.231.7603, Sudro 118H,   
WILHELM, Ross, Assistant Professor of Practice, 701.231.6291, Sudro 118Q, 


ZACHARIASON, Rachel, Experiential Education Administrative Coordinator, 701.231.7722, Sudro 20, 

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