Early Admission Pathway (EAP) Program 

The Early Admission Pathway (EAP) to NDSU's Pharm.D. program is an early assurance program designed for academically qualified high school students who want an affordable, expedited path to a Pharm.D. degree. The curriculum document below is the list of courses an EAP student would need to complete before beginning the professional program.

Early Admission Pathway (EAP) Program Curriculum


All courses listed for pre-pharmacy must be completed in order to apply within the Traditional Admission Pathway for the professional program in the last spring semester in which pre-requisite courses are taken.

Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

Professional PharmD Program Curriculum

The following professional PharmD curriculum requirements linked below are subject to change per department.  Students follow the curricula developed by the School of Pharmacy and any changes that occur while in the professional program will be communicated to the students by the School of Pharmacy.In addition to curriculum, 6 credits of Professional Elective MUST be completed PRIOR to P4 year.

Professional PharmD Program Curriculum

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