As a land grant university, NDSU serves its citizens. The School of Pharmacy is uniquely involved in providing professional outreach opportunities. 

Through classes and student organizations, students participate in supervised outreach such as medication management clinics, screening clinics and immunization clinics at public events and other options to work with diverse groups. 

Through Experiential Pharmacy Education, students engage in clinical and pharmacy practice experiences. Other programs such as telepharmacy help support services to rural areas. Continuing education options and research centers engage professionals in the region. 

NDSU Pharmacy and its partners began the statewide ONERx program to help pharmacists play a role in stemming opioid misuse in communities. 

The power of the ABC’s of Pharmacy in North Dakota includes the state pharmacy Association, Board, and College. We work collaboratively to meet the needs of those in the pharmacy profession and their patients. These partnerships serve the state, as well as provide opportunities for students to gain experience and perspective in their chosen profession.


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