Spills and Gas Odors

For major chemical, radiological, biological spills/attacks:

  • If possible, control the source of the spill without endangering yourself.
  • If necessary, shut off any sources of ignition
  • Leave the immediate area and Call 911 or the University Police at (701)-231-8998.
  • Remain calm, be patient, and provide them with specific location of the spill and if possible the name of the substance spilled.
  • If necessary evacuate the building. 
  • Do not enter the contaminated area.

For Gas Odors:

  • If you ever smell natural gas, immediately leave the building and proceed to a safe location where no smell of gas can be detected.
  • Do not turn on or off any lights
  • Avoid using electronics or smoking until you have reached a safe distance.
  • Stay away from the area and keep others away.
  • Once at a safe location, immediately call University Police (701) 231-8998.
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