The President’s Council for Campus Well-being includes 58 members from a cross-section of disciplines. It includes faculty, staff, and other professional members. The Council as a whole sets strategic direction, approves the strategic plan, and maintains oversight and accountability for implementation of the strategic plan. 


Nicole Askew Coordinator for Campus Activities / Student Activities
Kristina Astrup Associate Director of Employee Development / Human Resources
Amber Bach-Gorman Assistant Director, Clinical & Crisis Services / Counseling Center
Marc Bauer Interim Department Head & Associate Professor / Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources
Emily Berg Director / Institutional Research & Analysis
Erika Berg Professor / Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources
Hannah Boor Community Relations Coordinator / Downtown Community Partnership
Cindy Breyer Recruitment Specialist / Human Resources
Haley Bruggeman Student Representative / Enough
Bill Burns Director / Counseling Center
Mark Coppin Director / Disability Services
Jordan DiPalma Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life / Student Activities Office
Patricia Dirk Director / Student Health Service
Brandie Dixon Sergeant / University Police and Safety Office
Benton Duncan Interim Dean / Graduate School
Mike Ellingson Director / Facilities Management
Nancy Emerson Lecturer / Business
Carin Engler Assistant to Vice Provost / Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Erienne Fawcett Assistant Director / Women and Gender Studies
Angela Fowler Academic Personnel Coordinator / Office of the Provost
Emily Frazier Associate Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities / Student Affairs
Daniel Friesner Professor & Associate Dean / Pharmacy Practice
Jeremy Hamm Assistant Professor / Psychology, College of Science and Mathematics
Joel Hanson Director of Student Support Center / Engineering
Melissa Harms Events & Program Coordinator / NDSU Foundation & Alumni Association
Lisa Hauck Associate Director / International Student & Study Abroad Offices
Emily Hegg Assistant Director of Health Promotion / Student Health Service
Andrea Hein Director of Advising Resource Center / Advising Resource Center
Madison King Student Representative / Fraternity and Sorority Life - Interfraternity Council Director of Health and Safety
Richard Lamptey Graduate Student Representative / International Student Association
Mary Larson Assistant Professor / Health Professions
Julia Lee Student Representative / Residence Hall Association
Jobey Lichtblau Director / Wellness Center
Robyn Litke Sall Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator / Fargo Cass Public Health
Carl Ludewig Student Representative / Student Government - Student Body President
Christi McGeorge Professor / Human Development & Education
Piper Mikkelsen Student Representative / Fraternity & Sorority Life - Panhellenic President
Emma Mueller Student Representative / Campus Attractions, President
Jill Nelson Professor & Associate Dean / Leadership & Professional Development / Human Development & Education
Rian Nostrum Director / Residence Life
Oluwaseyi Oginni Health Promotion Graduate Assistant / Student Health Service
Laura Oster-Aaland Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs / Council Co-Chair
Nicole Outka Health Promotion Graduate Assistant / Student Health Service
Logan Pitts Health Promotion Graduate Assistant / Student Health Service
Kayla Provencher Student Representative / Violence Prevention Educators
Sue Quamme 4-H Youth Development, Leadership, and Civic Engagement / Extension Specialist
Jennifer Quenette Associate Director / Public Health & Safety
Brynn Rawlings Media Relations Coordinator / University Relations
Blake Rohrich Student Representative / Fraternity and Sorority Life - Interfraternity Council President
Lisa Samuelson Director / Student Activities
Jane Schuh Vice President for Research & Creative Activity / Research & Creative Activity
Sherri Stastny Professor / Health, Nutrition & Exercises Sciences
Kristi Steinmann Communications & Strategic Partnership Lead / Information Technology
Megan Talcott Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy Coordinator / Student Health Service
Jaclynn Wallette Director / Multicultural Programs
Kimberly Wallin Dean - College of Mathematics and Science / Council Co-chair
Christina Weber Associate Professor / Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
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