Personal Development

Supporting Well-being Personal Development

This work group will develop and create education and engaging opportunities to build student, staff and faculty resilience, competence, personal capacity and life enhancing skills.

Contributing factors:

  • Students, faculty and staff develop their sense of purpose through interactions with others, reflection, exploring their identities and examining core values.
  • Students, faculty and staff practice well-being in recognition of the importance of personal life satisfaction, having one’s human rights and needs met, and one’s contribution to the community.
  • Students, faculty and staff have a range of opportunities for healthy, substance free, social interactions that expose them to new ideas and interests, a diversity of people and an increased understanding of self and others.
  • Links between academic and co-curriculum that support student self-discovery, development of healthy relationships, contribution toward inclusive communities, and cultivation of a curiosity for lifelong learning.

Work Group Members

Kaelen Napoleon Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator / Multicultural Programs
Briana Kautzman Assistant / Registration and Records * ad hoc member
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