This work group will identify committees/work groups/ teams across the campus community who are working towards a shared vision of inclusion and sense of belonging; will work directly with members of the Presidents Council for Diversity, Inclusion and Respect.

Work Group Members

Kristi Steinmann Communications and Strategic Partnership Lead / Information Technology
Jill Nelson Interim Dean of Human Sciences and Education / School of Education
Angela Fowler Academic Personnel Coordinator / Office of the Provost
Kristina Astrup Associate Director of Employee Development / Human Resources
Hannah Boor Community Relations Coordinator / Downtown Community Partnership
Joel Hanson Director of Student Support Center / Engineering
Jobey Lichtblau Director / Wellness Center
Brynn Rawlings Media Relations Coordinator / University Relations
Jane Schuh Vice President for Research and Creative Activity / Research and Creative Activity
Jennifer Quenette Associate Director / Public Health & Safety
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