Generating a Thriving Campus Community

This work group will be proactive and intentional in creating empowered, connected and resilient campus communities that foster an ethic of care, compassion, collaboration and community action.

Contributing factors:

  • Students, faculty and staff model and facilitate civility, respect, tolerance, problem-solving ability and positive interpersonal skills.
  • Students, faculty and staff acknowledge the inequities that impact both individuals and communities and take actions toward creating inclusive communities where all members are valued and empowered to be their authentic selves.
  • Students, faculty and staff foster a sense of belonging and mattering for self and others by rejecting biased and prejudicial beliefs, respecting individual identities and communicating respectfully across these differences.
  • Students, faculty and staff promote the quality of life for all people and meaningfully contribute to communities that meet the needs of all members.
  • Students, faculty and staff perceive that the overall quality of life is good and just for all community members regardless of differences across individual identities.
  • Opportunities for and encouragement of social connection and interpersonal relationships.
  • Cross-campus collaboration to break down silo barriers.

Work Group Members

Kristi Steinmann Communications and Strategic Partnership Lead / Information Technology
Kristina Astrup Associate Director of Employee Development / Human Resources
Joel Hanson Director of Student Support Center / Engineering
Jobey Lichtblau Director / Wellness Center
Brynn Rawlings Media Relations Coordinator / University Relations
Jennifer Quenette Associate Director / Public Health & Safety
Emma Vold Community Relations Coordinator / Downtown Community Partnership
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