Data Exploration

Advancing Campus Well-being Data and Knowledge

This work group will contribute to health promoting knowledge production, application, standard setting and evaluation that informs action and supports the cultural and environmental development of campus well-being. 

Contributing factors:

  • Consistent and thorough collection of student, faculty and staff data related to health, well-being, and campus climate.
  • Students, faculty and staff engage in collaborative research, analysis, and application of health, well-being, and campus climate data.
  • Opportunities for well-being data showcasing and sharing to increase body of knowledge.
  • Implementation of NDSU data clearinghouse to increase awareness and accessibility of well-being related data.  


American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment III (ACHA-NCHA III)

The ACHA-NCHA III is a nationally recognized survey that assists in collecting precise data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. It captures a wide variety of key health and wellness related topics including: substance use, sexual health, nutrition, exercise, mental health, personal safety, and preventive health practices. NDSU participated for the first time in the Spring of 2021 and will continue implementing on a cyclical basis. 

2021 Institutional Data Report
2021 Executive Data Summary
2021 Snapshot of Student Well-Being
2021 Institutional National Comparison Baseline

Work Group Members

Marc Bauer Associate Professor / Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources
Emily Berg Director / Institutional Research & Analysis
Grace De Genaro Student Representative / Violence Prevention Educator *ad-hoc member
Mary Larson Associate Professor / Public Health
Laura Oster-Aaland Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Institutional Equity
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