Work Groups

Work groups have been identified to do the work of the Council, as identified in the strategic plan. Outcomes will be shared as bullets under the group description as they are reported to the Council.

Call for Research

This work group will engage with faculty and graduate students regarding research conducted around elements of well-being, look into the opportunity to incentivize continued research, and explore the idea of facilitating a faculty symposium.

Community Engagement

This work group includes work of the previous Welcome to NDSU, Maximizing Communications, and Student Engagement Work Groups to now focus on broader engagement and social connection of the entire NDSU community.

Data Exploration

This work group will work on identifying well-being measures, explore the current data we already have on campus regarding elements of well-being, and identify the potential gaps and suggest recommendations for data collection and dissemination.

Mental Health

This work group will review current efforts and create a comprehensive and collaborative NDSU campus community suicide prevention curriculum. 

Sexual Assault Response Education

This work group will research sexual assault response knowledge and will develop an education curriculum for faculty and staff regarding response to disclosure and increase understanding of resources available.

Well-being Awareness Campaign

This work group will aim to implement a social norming campaign addressing all areas of well-being and work with a Marketing and Communication class to develop material and gain student feedback and insight.

Well-being / Health in All Policies

This work group will research elements of Well-being/Health in all Policies and determine ways to best implement on a college campus.

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