Work Groups

Work groups have been identified to do the work of the Council, as identified in the strategic plan. Outcomes will be shared as bullets under the group description as they are reported to the Council.

Call for Research

This work group will engage with faculty and graduate students regarding research conducted around well-being and will plan and implement a symposium on well-being related topic. Work Group will begin planning for 2022 symposium.


This work group will identify committees/work groups/ teams across the campus community who are working towards a shared vision of inclusion and sense of belonging; will work directly with members of the Presidents Council for Diversity, Inclusion and Respect.

Data Exploration

This work group will work on identifying well-being measures to inform work group action and progress; analyze the ACHA-NCHA survey; inform Personal Development Work Group with data to be used for a well-being awareness and education plan.

Environments / Physical Health

This work group will explore the many facets of environmental and physical health and will determine a specific focus that address the social determinants of health, specifically looking at the Emergency Fund.

Health in All Policies

This work group will continue to research Health in all Policies; beta test developed assessment tool through the Senate Coordinating Council; provide recommendations for NDSU policy change using assessment tool. 

Mental Health

This work group will review current suicide prevention efforts; create a comprehensive and collaborative NDSU campus community suicide prevention program/initiative; continue to address the current mental health needs on campus.

Personal Development

This work group will develop and implement a well-being awareness and educational plan using ACHA-NCHA and other relevant data; explore other well-being awareness tools; partner with the new Campus Well-being Educators for well-being opportunity development.

Sexual Assault Response Education

This work group will continue research on sexual assault response and mandated reporting knowledge;  continue implementation of the developed education curriculum for faculty and staff regarding response to disclosure; increase understanding of resources available.

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