Work Groups

Work groups have been identified to do the work of the Council, as identified in the strategic plan. 


This work group will be proactive and intentional in creating empowered, connected and resilient campus communities that foster an ethic of care, compassion, collaboration and community action.

Data Exploration

This work group will contribute to health promoting knowledge production, application, standard setting and evaluation that informs action and supports the cultural and environmental development of campus well-being.

Employee Well-being

This work group will work to establish an infrastructure to support the well-being of NDSU faculty and staff employees. 

Environments / Physical Health

This work group will explore the many facets of environmental and physical health by identifying opportunities to support healthy lifestyle choices, meet basic human needs, and engage with the physical environment through sustainability.

Health in All Policies

This work group will review, create and coordinate campus policies and practices with attention to health, well-being and sustainability, so that all planning and decision-making takes account of and supports our campus community.

Mental Health

This work group will work towards reducing stigma, supporting skills and habits to manage stress, strengthening resilience, and provide and support timely access to mental health services and information to create a supportive campus culture. 

Personal Development

This work group will develop and create education and engaging opportunities to build student, staff and faculty resilience, competence, personal capacity and life enhancing skills.

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