The Executive Committee to the PCCW steers the strategic planning process, tracks progress of Work Groups, and provides consultative support to Work Groups as needed. 

Executive Committee

Nicole Askew Coordinator for Campus Activities / Student Activities
Kristina Astrup Assistant Director of Employee Development / Human Resources
Patricia Dirk Director / Student Health Service
Emily Frazier Associate Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities / Student Affairs
Emily Hegg Assistant Director of Health Promotion / Student Health Service
Mary Larson Associate Professor / College of Health Professions
Carl Ludewig Student Representative / Student Body President
Jill Nelson Interim Dean of Human Sciences and Education / School of Education
Rian Nostrum Director / Residence Life
Laura Oster-Aaland Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs / Council Co-Chair
Kristi Steinmann Communications and Strategic Partnership Lead / Information Technology
Kimberly Wallin Dean - College of Mathematics and Science / Council Co-chair
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