About the President’s Council for Campus Well-being (PCCW)

The PCCW was formed to support the academic mission of the university by taking a holistic approach to increasing and sustaining all aspects of campus well-being. The PCCW brings together a multi-disciplinary group of NDSU faculty, staff, students and community partners to address a range of social and environmental factors that strengthen the health and well-being of our campus community.

The President's Council for Campus Well-being Strategic Plan
2019-2020 PCCW Annual Report
2020-2021 PCCW Annual Report

About Well-Being

The concept of well-being is not new, but the body of research that links well-being to academic success, lifelong health, happiness and personal success continues to grow. As stated in the Okanagan Charter, an international charter for health promoting universities and colleges (2015), “Health and well-being are determinants of learning, productivity and engagement.”

Well-being is not developed in isolation. The relationship between individuals and their environment is dynamic. Healthy individuals build healthy communities; healthy communities provide the supportive environment for individual well-being.

As such, health promotion is not just the responsibility of the health sector, but must engage all sectors to take an explicit stance in favor of health, equity, social justice and sustainability for all, while recognizing that the well-being of people, places and the planet are interdependent.

Opportunities for study, research and employment at NDSU extend throughout the world. Through these exchanges, NDSU has a global presence. We want to be welcoming to all who come to NDSU, and we want to carry the best of NDSU with us on our journeys. We want to prepare its members for lifelong well-being, and in doing so, to empower them to make positive contributions to their families, workplaces, communities and the world.


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