"Think..." is a series of educational sessions for the NDSU community "to reflect on or ponder" a variety of health and well-being topics.

This program is designed by Student Health Service Health Promotion and supported by the Presidents Council for Campus Well-being.

Experiencing anxiety as a college student or as a professional in academia is an unfortunate reality. Being in the midst of a global pandemic can make managing anxiety even more difficult. We'll explore strategies for coping with anxious emotions to build your sense of resiliency.

Presented by: Courtney Quist and Jenika Rufer, NDSU Counseling Center interns

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Vaping; cessation product, harmless fun, or addiction wrapped in a candy-coated package? What is the big deal about vaping? This presentation will guide you through a brief history of vaping, current research around tobacco products, and showcase some of the popular products on the market.

Presented by: Jason McCoy, Clay County Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

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Now more than ever, we are finding ourselves stuck in our office chair with never-ending Zoom meetings and reading countless emails.Allison Grippe, a highly praised local yoga instructor will be leading short mindfulness and stretching sessions to help alleviate the pains of sitting at a desk without breaking a sweat.

Instructed by: Allison Grippe, local yoga instructor (https://www.facebook.com/allisongfargosyogi)

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Learn how to navigate the challenging conversations that will ultimately come up over the dinner table this holiday season! This talk will address the hot buttons that get pushed when we are altogether with family/friends, and how to stay balanced vs. reactive. After all, it is the holidays and these relationships are important to us!

Presented by: Kristine Paranica, NDSU Ombudsperson

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