Student Health Portal

  • Log in information is your Bison Login
  • Use either Google Chrome or Safari when using the Portal

Not all appointment types can be scheduled through the Portal, so please call
701-231-7331 if you do not see a specific appointment type you are looking for.

What can be done through the Student Health Portal?

The Student Health Portal has a variety of functions available to you to help streamline your health care that include the following: 

  • Schedule or cancel appointments
  • Complete pre-visit forms
  • View and print immunization history
  • Receive or send secure patient-provider messages
  • View and print educational material provided during a visit
  • View and print itemized statements 
  • Upload documentation (such as immunization records)

Text and Email Notifications

Students are automatically opted in for text and email notifications regarding their care, which includes notifications regarding scheduled appointments, appointment reminders, cancelled appointments, new secure messages, and more! Email messages generated through the Student Health Portal will come from the email Student can opt out of text alerts in the Portal but cannot opt out of email alerts. Please check your junk folder for these emails and make sure to add this account to your safe senders list. Also, note this email is not monitored, so any communication with Student Health Service should be done by calling or utilizing secure messaging within the Student Health Portal. 

How to Navigate the Student Health Portal

The different menu items exist to help organize the information in an accessible way and each menu item has its own functionality. Below is more detailed information on each menu item.


  • Provides general information. Please read this information carefully. 
  • Any upcoming scheduled appointments will show under the To Do List at the bottom of the screen. 
    • Any forms needing completion for your scheduled appointment can be completed by clicking on the Forms box under the Upcoming Appointments section. 


  • Schedule an appointment by selecting the appropriate Reason. Please note that not all appointment types are able to be scheduled online, so if you do not see the appointment type you are looking for please call 701-231-7331. 
  • This field defaults to all providers, but you have the ability to filter based on a specific provider if you prefer. 
  • Click submit after selecting the appointment reason (and provider if desired). 
  • If a Special Instructions box populates, please read this information carefully as it provides important information regarding the appointment you selected. Once this information has been read, click OK. 
  • The calendar will defaut to today's date and will show the open appointment times by provider for that day. Click on the appointment time you would like to schedule. 
    • You can change the calendar date by selecting the day you would like to view. 


  • Click on View History to see all immunizations we have on file for you. 
  • There is a Print icon available that will populate a PDF version of these records for you. 


  • Students can upload a variety of records/documents to us. 
  • Please make sure that your document includes all the required information listed and that you follow the instructions on this page. 
  • Any records/documents that you have already uploaded will be shown under Documents Already On File at the bottom of this screen. 


  • Any forms for upcoming appointment that need to be completed will show here. 
  • Student Health Service forms that are not for specific appointments can also be found here.
    • Business Office/Medical records
    • NDSU Provider
    • Pharmacy prescription refill request


  • Students can communicate securely with Student Health Service staff by using the secure messaging feature. 
  • Students can initiate new messages, view messages sent by staff and respond to messages. 


  • A staff member may provide education regarding your visit to you through the Student Health Portal which is available to view or print here. 

Visit Summary

  • A Visit Summary will generate after each appointment that provides a brief summary of your visit. 

Lab Result

  • Most lab tests performed in Student Health Service will post to this section of the Portal for students to access. 
  • There may be some results that are sent through Secure Messaging as an attachment. 
  • Lab results will post the same the day result is received, so there is a chance you see the result prior to your provider reviewing them. 


  • An itemized statement of charges regarding your visit will populate here after claims have been sent to your insurance company. 
  • The statements are organized by the date of service. 
  • If a student has any patient responsibility for charges, these are sent to the student's account. There will be a line item that states "Patient Responsibility - transferred to student account" so the patient can see the amount they owe. 

My Profile 

  • Students can update their address, opt in or out of text alerts, or update their gender identity. 
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