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Peer Education Groups

We have 2 Peer Education Groups within our Health Promotion Team: Campus Well-being Educators & Violence Prevention Educators. 

Both the VPEs and the CWEs are currently recruiting new members for the 2022-2023 school year! Below is more information about each group and their work on campus. Click the banner below to apply!

The Campus Well-being Educators (CWEs) are a peer education group dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle choices for NDSU students through health and well-being programming and campus outreach with support of the President’s Council for Campus Well-being. Over the past year the CWEs have worked on events like National Kindness Day, National Walking Day, as well as information on sleep hygiene, how to communicate with professors, and substance use education. 

Be a Campus Well-being Educator
If you have questions about the CWEs, please contact



The Violence Prevention Educators (VPEs) are our peer education group focused on educating the campus community on awareness and prevention of power based personal violence with a emphasis on sexual violence, dating violence and stalking. VPEs attend regular training to be able to lead conversations on topics including consent, healthy relationships, and sexual assault. VPEs are also instrumental in implementing campus wide events like Take Back the Night and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.  You can see more of the VPEs work on their Instagram @NDSUVPEs.

Be a Violence Prevention Educator
If you have questions about the VPEs, please contact Megan Talcott, Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy Coordinator, at

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